Ukiyo-e, don't miss this exhibition !Until 12 february 2017, the Royal Museum of Art and History present the finest Japanese Prints
Please have a view to our exclusive photos of the exhibition.
When the colourful Japanese prints are introduced in Europe by the end of the 19th century, they immediately are a great hit with the collectors. The subsequent japonism craze influences artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Today, the exhibition Ukiyo-e aims to seduce you with the finest prints from the world-famous collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History.
Ukiyo-e are ‘pictures of the floating world’ and as such they unveil what were considered to be the little pleasures of life in traditional Japan. As it turns out, female beauty and actors were also immensely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun! Artists like Harunobu and Utamaro show you the stars of the bustling nightlife of Edo (Tokyo). The Japanese landscape is also a beloved theme of the genre. Just think of such iconic images as the menacing ‘Wave’ by Hokusai or the ‘Hundred Famous Views of Edo’ by Hiroshige. Besides giving an overview from the first black-and-white prints to the 20th century artists who try to reconnect with this important heritage, the exhibition will highlight a few special topics. A separate gallery is dedicated to ‘spring pictures’ or shunga which are erotic prints. Last but not least: a selection of objects such as woodblocks, lacquered combs and a samurai armour complete the story of ukiyo-e.
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