Ferrari 70 yearsFor its summer exhibition, Autoworld has decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari!
Created by Enzo Ferrari driver when he was already 49 years old, Ferrari became, in a few years, the greatest myth of the automobile.
Among the cars on display are:
Among the Classics: the 166MM, the 206GT Dino, the 250 Pininfarina, the 275 GTB, the 275GTS that once belonged to the actress Rachel Welsh, the 275 LM, the Daytona 365GTB, the 500 Superfast, the 512BB ... Among the Youngtimers: the Testarossa, the F40, the 288 GTO, the 550 Maranello WSR (World Speed ​​Record), the Enzo (which was once owned by Jean Todt, ... Among the Moderns: the Ferrari Aperta, the 599GTO, the F430 Scuderia Among the competition cars: the 156 F1, the F1 / 87 (formerly Gerard Berger) and the 275GTB Competition ... and many more to discover on site!
70 years ago ...
... in 1947, in Modena (Italy), the story begins when the first 125 S comes out of the factories of Via Abetone Inferiore. Immediately, this sportsman won the victory of a race in Piacenza. This is the first of a long series of victories.
The Horse Cabre
The story was long controversial. Enzo Ferrari was even suspected of having invented it from scratch to nourish his own legend but documents irrefutably prove that it is the emblem of the regiment of cavalry of Baracca that was offered to Enzo Ferrari by the mother of Francesco Baracca, Italian fighter pilot and hero of the First World War. The "Scudetto" became the emblem of Ferrari with the letters S F (for Scuderia Ferrari).
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