Restoration of the model of ancient Rome ...It is good to highlight this major work of our heritage and this exceptional educational tool that Alexis Liénard Fund, committed to the project of restoration 'sound and light' of the model representing the city of Rome at the end of 4th century, at the height of its monumental splendor. Exhibited at the Museum Art & History, this model is one of the key elements of the section of classical antiquities. Real monument in itself (11 x 4 meters), the work is characterized by its rarity: the architect Paul Bigot had made four draws of the model, which are preserved only his working model (at the University of Caen) and the copy of Brussels, which is the only one to have been colored and exhibited in a large national museum. Estimated at € 200,000, the project is entirely financed by the Alexis Liénard Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Created in 2014, the Fund aims to contribute by any type of action relevant to quality education of Latin and Greek in Belgium. But before starting this project, a photogrammetry (scan) must be performed, which requires a thorough cleaning of the model. The operation requires an impressive device: two scaffolds placed on either side of the plane in relief hold a board 50 cm above the model. Lying on it, restorers are busy brushing every nook and cranny of the model. Once fully cleaned, photogrammetry can then be performed. The restoration work as such will start at the end of 2018 and will last about eight months - a period during which the model will receive special attention from many experts.More infos...

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