Even more traffic problems Avenue AuderghemThe "Brussels Region" through Brussels-mobilité has definitely used to disassemble a device that works.
Avenue Auderghem, a major artery for fluid access to the European area will be permanently disrupted following the decision of the Brussels region, determined to apply its absurd traffic map.
Some false pretenses listed on the website Brusselles-mobilité :
- The commercial speed of transport. We have not noticed any significant slowdowns whatever the hour during the last 30 years. The "region" does not care about the time lost by workers who have no other choice than the car. - Comfort and safety of cyclists. Another invention. Cyclists have always traveled this road without problems. In addition, for a cyclist, it is also dangerous to share a bus lane than a car lane. Try it and see! It is also very unpleasant for a cyclist to be blocked by a bus. - Speed ​​limits to 50km/h. This was the case earlier.
- Positive impact on noise. Big lie : the raising of the crossroads leads sound disorders including at night. Noise will be much higher than today. Listen to the sound of a truck passing over a speed bump.. By cons, some corollaries effects of the new plan : -. Increasing pollution of the air by increasing the plugs and by breaking and acceleration in each tray. - Reduction of 60 parking spaces with announced consequences: an increase of kms traveled to find a location; economic loss for trade; lack of space for the inhabitants of the area.
In summary, the "Brussels Region" must justify the huge subsidies in transport. Their solution: create artificial corks to make traffic guilty of all evils.
Note - That the comments are solely the writing Euroquartier. - That the editorial staff of Euroquartier uses a bicycle as the main means of transportation for 33 years in the European district. Share the road.
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