Car free Brussels, folklore or necessary gesticulation ?Sunday, September 20, no one in Brussels could ignore the day without cars.
In the view of Euroquarter’s writer, it's more of a folk festival as a real awareness of the problem of mobility in Brussels. The author of these lines has not waited for the organization of such festivities to move in Brussels differently. Bike daily, metro, tram, bus, on foot but also by train in Brussels. Many people are unaware that reach the border of the Brussels region (Uccle, Jette, Evere ...) now takes only a few minutes from the center or the European quarter.
Traffic jams reappeared Monday. Politicians do not seem to make true answer to the problem of mobility in Brussels, on the contrary.
Give the impression that proposes a solution is the most common response by the political.
Think about Reyers bridge destroy, Brussels center labyrinth, european meetings...
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