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Porsche 70 years

It is the complete story of 70 years of evolution that will tell this exhibition at Autoworld with the presentation of some sixty exceptional cars. An exhibition that was set up thanks to the participation of Porsche Import and the Porsche Museum Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, as well as thanks to the loans of many collectors. From December 14, 2018 to January 27, 2019.

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Play chess at the Schuman Roundabout - Blitz tournament

Saturday 1 December: BLITZ CHESS Tournament on Schuman roundabout organized by the Brussels Chess Club (free registration on site) (14.00 h > 17. 00 h)

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Schuman Lights Up

Rond-point “The Place to Be “ December 2018 Neighbourhood Party: Exhibition, Musique, Dance, Food 29.11.18 > 8.12.18 In the heart of Brussels and Europe, the Rond-point Schuman will become a magical space. An elegant marquee, beautifully illuminated, will be built on the Rond-point, which will become the Place to Be in Brussels. A series of themed events and cultural activities will be organised on the exceptional space redecorated to showcase Christmas parties, culture, music, food,

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Inca Dress Code

The Cinquantenaire museum has once again produced a magnificent exhibition of which he has the secret. Thanks to their extraordinary collection of south and central America objects, which have nothing to envy to the fabulous Quai Branly museum in Paris, the MRAH scenographers present us a little known universe and pieces of art that rival the achievements of the best current designers. Do not miss this exhibition. She is really rare.

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Day of Europe, this 9th of May

For the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, Schuman Square, Avenir de l'Europe and European Citizen Platform, in close collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Belgium, are pleased to invite you under the skyshelter in the center of the Roundabout Schuman in Brussels at a convivial, memorial and festive moment, this Wednesday 9 May between 12 and 15.30 hours.

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Tennis at the Schuman Roundabout

Go Tennis is very happy to meet you at the Schuman roundabout infrastructure on Tuesday, May 8th, from 5pm to 11pm. GoTennis team invites you to come and enjoy the game with us.

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5 May 2018 rond-point Schuman is the Bread Fest

The 2018 edition of the bread festival will take place in a family atmosphere and friendly. You can discover the many facets of bread and meet artisans from Brussels but also from Europe and taste their products. Do not miss this appointment festive! From 10 am to 21 pm, saterday 5, don't forget it!

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Open doors of the european institutions

The May 5 visit the European institutions, Berlaymont, Commitee of regions, Justus Lipsius Cortenbergh ... will have no secrets for you.

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Chinese lanterns in the Euroquartier

On the occasion of EU-China: 2018 European Year of Tourism, a festival of lanterns to promote cultural exchange and tourism will take place on the Schuman roundabout on 5 and 9 May.

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The Belgians at Le Mans

Autoworld will put 'in the Spotlight' - 'The Belgians at Le Mans' to honor them by presenting to the public some of the cars that have contributed to the achievement of their exploits and some of which come directly from the museum of the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A special tribute will be paid to the great Belgian pilot Lucien Bianchi, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his victory at Le Mans 1968, along with Pedro Rodriguez on the Ford GT40.

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Euroquarter's 3d birthday

Launched in April 2015, this is already 3 years that Euroquarter takes the temperature of the european quarter of Brussels.

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Do not miss the visit of Horta-Lambeaux pavilion

The Pavilion will be open from March 24 to October 28, 2018, Wednesdays from 14h to 16h and Saturdays and Sundays from 14h to 16h45. Every last Sunday of the month, at 10:30 (FR) or 11:30 (NL)
Price: 2,5 €

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Horta & Wolfers at the Museum of Art & History

This Tuesday, the Secretary Zuhal Demir, inaugurated at the Museum of Art and History of Brussels the exhibition "Horta & Wolfers", which presents the reconstruction of one of the most beautiful achievements of Art Nouveau in Belgium: furniture from the exclusive jewelery of the Wolfers family, a total art project by Victor Horta. The Cinquantenaire Museum presents the masterpieces of its Art Nouveau and Art Deco collection. From November 29, 2017 to December 31, 2018.

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Young people now go free to the Royal Museums of Art and History!

Enabling young people to come into contact with art, culture and science is essential for the development of responsible citizens. For this reason, the Royal Museums of Art and History of Brussels decided to grant free access to its permanent collections to all persons under the age of 19 years old, for individual or group visits.

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On ticket for 3 museums

The three museums on the Cinquantenaire site have joined forces to offer their visitors the opportunity to purchase a ticket common to the three institutions. For the sum of 15 €, the visitor will be able to discover the countless treasures preserved in the permanent collections of the Museum of the Cinquantenaire (Royal Museums of Art and History), the Museum of the Army and Autoworld. The ticket, available at the museums concerned, is valid for three months from the date of its acquisition.

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Support Euroquarter !

Speaking of this website around you, by including a link to your website, sending us information or images, by suggesting a service or a company that you know, you contribute to the social, cultural and commercial of the "euroquarter" and you help the site Euroquarter.eu to develop.

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NEW ! Our pages “To Visit” in the Euroquarter

We performed for you and with the collaboration of Euroquarter area museums some special pages on the relaxation opportunities in the neighborhood.
We're almost sure you will discover places you do not know. For english pages, chose “To Visit” in the upper menu.

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Daily news

Restoration of the model of ancient Rome ...

It is good to highlight this major work of our heritage and this exceptional educational tool that Alexis Liénard Fund, committed to the project of restoration 'sound and light' of the model representing the city of Rome at the end of 4th century, at the height of its monumental splendor. Exhibited at the Museum Art & History, this model is one of the key elements of the section of classical antiquities. Real monument in itself (11 x 4 meters), the work is characterized by its rarity: the architect Paul Bigot had made four draws of the model, which are preserved only his working model (at the University of Caen) and the copy of Brussels, which is the only one to have been colored and exhibited in a large national museum. Estimated at € 200,000, the project is entirely financed by the Alexis Liénard Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. Created in 2014, the Fund aims to contribute by any type of action relevant to quality education of Latin and Greek in Belgium. But before starting this project, a photogrammetry (scan) must be performed, which requires a thorough cleaning of the model. The operation requires an impressive device: two scaffolds placed on either side of the plane in relief hold a board 50 cm above the model. Lying on it, restorers are busy brushing every nook and cranny of the model. Once fully cleaned, photogrammetry can then be performed. The restoration work as such will start at the end of 2018 and will last about eight months - a period during which the model will receive special attention from many experts.

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Ferrari 70 years

For its summer exhibition, Autoworld has decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari!
Created by Enzo Ferrari driver when he was already 49 years old, Ferrari became, in a few years, the greatest myth of the automobile.
Among the cars on display are:
Among the Classics: the 166MM, the 206GT Dino, the 250 Pininfarina, the 275 GTB, the 275GTS that once belonged to the actress Rachel Welsh, the 275 LM, the Daytona 365GTB, the 500 Superfast, the 512BB ... Among the Youngtimers: the Testarossa, the F40, the 288 GTO, the 550 Maranello WSR (World Speed ​​Record), the Enzo (which was once owned by Jean Todt, ... Among the Moderns: the Ferrari Aperta, the 599GTO, the F430 Scuderia Among the competition cars: the 156 F1, the F1 / 87 (formerly Gerard Berger) and the 275GTB Competition ... and many more to discover on site!
70 years ago ...
... in 1947, in Modena (Italy), the story begins when the first 125 S comes out of the factories of Via Abetone Inferiore. Immediately, this sportsman won the victory of a race in Piacenza. This is the first of a long series of victories.
The Horse Cabre
The story was long controversial. Enzo Ferrari was even suspected of having invented it from scratch to nourish his own legend but documents irrefutably prove that it is the emblem of the regiment of cavalry of Baracca that was offered to Enzo Ferrari by the mother of Francesco Baracca, Italian fighter pilot and hero of the First World War. The "Scudetto" became the emblem of Ferrari with the letters S F (for Scuderia Ferrari).

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The Representative of the Government of Catalonia to the EU, Amadeu Altafaj, is pleased to present you the exhibition ‘Tossudament...Relat del procés català’ until 31 august at the Espai Catalunya Europa (Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat, 227 – 1040 Brussels). Some pictures of the inauguration...

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The 27 on your plate

This Wednesday, June 7, the Brussels people were invited to discover the culinary traditions of 27 EU member states on the Esplanade of the European Parliament (Place du Luxembourg). A genuine taste journey through Europe. Euroquartier was passing by, here are some pictures.

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Once Upon A Time

After its success with its exhibitions Sarcophagi and Ukiyo-e, the Museum of the Cinquantenaire in Brussels continues its policy of highlighting its fabulous collections. Since May 17, the exhibition Once upon a time has highlighted a particularly endearing facet of the rich collection of ancient watchmaking it possesses, namely enamelled watches (1650-1850). The exhibition highlights the genius of the enamellers, mostly Franco-Swiss, who, through the technique of enamelling, have known how to transform simple watches into precious jewels.

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60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaties of Rome

A simple ceremony at the Schuman Roundabout in honor of Robert Schuman. At the foot of his statue were placed flowers by Avenir de l'Europe. This event, co-organized by Schuman Square, Avenir de l'Europe and European Citizen Platform, also celebrated Jean Monnet and other founding fathers of Europe today. Magnificent pastries were served to the participants.

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Successful crowds at the "Festival of Bread"

The ASBL Schuman Square has renewed on the Schuman roundabout, its event celebrating the bread in all its forms. A success. That's the right word. A large audience delighted by the tastings of breads coming from all the countries of Europe. On the esplanade between the Commission and the Council of Ministers, a mobile workshop for vocational training in the bakery trade. A baker "Best Worker of France" Philippe Hermenier cooked a variety of breads decorated with stars-shaped signs to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and Illustrating the know-how of the profession... Visitors were welcomed by EPICURIS, a vocational training center whose activities are supported by the European Social Fund and the Mills of Statte. Animations for children, food trucks and numerous animations completed the event.

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Exclusive images of the House of European History (HEH)

Here are some pictures before the official opening of the new museum of European history on 4 (officials) and 6 (public) May 2017 in Leopold Park in the former building of the George Eastman Dental Institute. Notice the immense metal sculpture that starts from level 0 up to the 6th floor.

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Last picture of the "Maison Antoine" chip shop before its replacement

Lovers of belgian fries will no longer see the chip shop in this form place Jourdan. Renovation work on the square having begun, the former chip shop seen on this photo was demolished in order to make room for a new construction.

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A photo-report of the inauguration evening of the magnificent exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the Bavarian brand.
Among the photos you will notice Thierry Boutsen present as well as his Arrows BMW with which he placed 2nd at the Formula 1 grand prix of Imola. A speech from our always talented state minister Herman De Croo.

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La Nuit by Sofitel

The Sofitel Brussels Europe of the Place Jourdan in the European quarter was celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 13, 2016. Mrs Cyril Manguso, General Manager and Bart Van Cauwelaert, first General Manager of the Sofitel Brussels Europe invited their neighbors and partners. The occasion of a very friendly party really very nice. And a delicious chocolate dessert as the highlight of the evening.

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Schuman Light Up 3

Schuman Square, in collaboration with the regions of Europe, received the public on 7 December on the Schuman Rond Point. Ireland, greece, Scotland, Wales, Bulgaria, Malta, Iceland, Poland and Catalonia were offering their local products for tasting. Wines, beer, bortch, lamb, sausages, breads, pastries, cheeses, etc. Lots of people for a successful evening!

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Schuman Light Up 2

Brussels Mobility offered the drink this December 6th. Prepared in particular by "Pistolet". The opportunity to discuss with the region's leaders to better understand their mobility policy. Understand, yes. Approving .. everyone did not agree
A good meeting in any case with the officials of the Brussels Region and the European Commission.

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Lou Villafranca exhibition

Some pictures of the opening of the exhibition. Hair France promotes young artists in its hairdressing salon. On the pictures, you will recognize France Smit (very blond hair) with Lou Villafranca and Maurane (French international singer). A good moment of conviviality. ;-)

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Ukiyo-e, don't miss this exhibition !

Until 12 february 2017, the Royal Museum of Art and History present the finest Japanese Prints
Please have a view to our exclusive photos of the exhibition.
When the colourful Japanese prints are introduced in Europe by the end of the 19th century, they immediately are a great hit with the collectors. The subsequent japonism craze influences artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Today, the exhibition Ukiyo-e aims to seduce you with the finest prints from the world-famous collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History.
Ukiyo-e are ‘pictures of the floating world’ and as such they unveil what were considered to be the little pleasures of life in traditional Japan. As it turns out, female beauty and actors were also immensely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun! Artists like Harunobu and Utamaro show you the stars of the bustling nightlife of Edo (Tokyo). The Japanese landscape is also a beloved theme of the genre. Just think of such iconic images as the menacing ‘Wave’ by Hokusai or the ‘Hundred Famous Views of Edo’ by Hiroshige. Besides giving an overview from the first black-and-white prints to the 20th century artists who try to reconnect with this important heritage, the exhibition will highlight a few special topics. A separate gallery is dedicated to ‘spring pictures’ or shunga which are erotic prints. Last but not least: a selection of objects such as woodblocks, lacquered combs and a samurai armour complete the story of ukiyo-e.

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Brulabo, 100 years at the Brussels service

Heritage Days allowed Euroquartier to visit the laboratory of the Brussels region. Created under the German occupation in 1916, he has been working for the food and health security of people from the Brussels area. Water testing pools, detecting dry rot, tests of food products, detection of legionellosis, etc. areas of chemical and physical activity are numerous. Set in the Leopold Park, or at the time the park was a set of scientific departments of the Université Libre of Brussels. Names like Warocqué, Ernest Solvay, George Eastman, Henri Pasteur, Louis Deroubaix probably remind you of the scientific development of the early 20th century in Brussels.

2016-09-18  More...

Brussels, car-free city, not a day like any other

Some images taken in the European district of course, that was not the center of the event. Event more folk than political or dicdatique. There was sighted cyclists take unnecessary risks by driving the wrong way, sometimes by phone, not respecting traffic lights, etc. The Cinquantenaire Park, a climbing wall and a zip line, an introduction to wrestling and other entertainment. A view from the top of the arcades can appreciate the number of participants to 15h.

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Autoworld 1989...

Remember shot taken by us (the site Euroquartier did not exist but we were already in the European quarter).
Amazing picture, almost no cars on the Cinquantenaire and Autoworld had just opened its doors. We were among the first visitors.

2016-09-14  More...

30th anniversary of Autoworld. The images speak themselves

The Autoworld has put the dishes in large to accommodate the press and guests of prestige and to present his exhibition of supercars in addition to the already fabulous collection of vintage cars. To paraphrase Mr De Croo in his speech, Autoworld is the bridge between the past and the future of the automobile in a prestigious environment that bridges between the industrial past and technological future of Belgium.

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Indian summer in Brussels

Heatwave mid-September. Rare enough to be reported.

2016-09-14  More...

Blind test at the Cinquantenaire

Test phase for a slab of rubber in relief for the visually impaired. Resin bonding on the sidewalk at the initiative of the Brussels region.

2016-09-14  More...

The parade always goes through the neighborhood

As every year, the inhabitants of the Euroquartier can get up close and without public parade on 21 July. This year, it was really deserted. Not the tenth of the usual onlookers. Even the king's departure was almost in privacy. Some reasons for this: security measures, removal of parking in town and mobility problems that discourage walkers, good weather that makes you want to go relax elsewhere than in cities.

2016-07-21  More...

Anti-TTIP event

In front of the Borschette center, on 12 July, a noisy entertainment with lids of pots and saucepans in protest against transatlantic trade agreements known in English under the name TTIP and Ceta. These free trade agreements are quite controversial, first the pros argue that the agreement will lead to economic growth while critics argue that it will increase the power of business to face States and complicate market regulation. Not really many but motivated for two days

2016-07-12  More...

“Made in Brussels” the new pop-up store of the pedestrian Jourdan

The Etterbeek inaugurates an original concept. A ephemeral boutique where products of young local entrepreneurs will be on sale periodically. Euroquartier wish them good luck!

2016-06-21  More...

The music festival at the Jubilee park of Brussels

Traditional rendezvous, the music festival take place in the Cinquantenaire park lends itself well to this kind of cultural events. Museums had expanded their door to welcome new visitors. A band wowed us with its originality: native of Macedonia, KOCANI ORKESTAR mixes Turkish rhythms, Bulgarian and oriental solos, for authentic sound party, frenetic and full of emotion. "At once kitsch and jazzy, a flaming frenzy that would restore the morale of a depressed army!" (Eliane Azoulay - Télérama)

2016-06-19  More...

Pedestrian Jourdan, a living space

This small piece of chaussée de Wavre Ixelles is an S via the Place Jourdan and then continue to La Chasse. Transformed into a pedestrian, a few years ago, it now offers, restaurants (including Skievelavabo), bookshops, pop-up shop, snacks, ice cream, shops ... and Senghor space. See photos from the neighborhood animation.

2016-06-18  More...

The median strip Schumann finally cleared

The new view after lengthy development work. Euroquartier regret the only big flaw of the place: the reduction of mobility. New obstacles on the roundabout, narrowing the path to the "rue de la Loi". The police regularly on the premises also deplore these developments. Park benches, that's fine, but if a permanent traffic jam pollute the air breathed during snack ... I let you judge.

2016-06-15  More...

The Macron’s law (FR) does not unanimous in Eastern Europe

The flags Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Hungarian ... float on the Schuman roundabout, on April 14. A demonstration against protectionism.

2016-06-14  More...

May 2017, a new slice of "Bread Festival"?

Schuman roundabout was again held on May 28, the "Bread Festival". Like last year (you can still see the images later in the list), many exhibitors were presented for tasting their specialties from all over Europe. The weather was in the game. Everything came together for a successful party. Some picture of nice people.

2016-05-01  More...

Tributes to victims of the attack at Maelbeek

They were there, many, April 22 expressing their solidarity with the victims of this cowardly attack. Many riders made the trip. The day before, the Belgian parliament representatives had laid a wreath in front of the metro station and had gone to the scene inside the subway.

2016-04-22  More...

Amin Maalouf presents his latest book

Great french writer and academician, Amin Maalouf has done us the honor of presenting his latest book, "A Chair On The Seine" at the bookstore Filigranes in the heart of the European district, on Tuesday 19th April.
Euroquarter read his essay that recounts the previous occupants of his seat in the French Academy for 400 years. Extremely well documented, like all the works of the author, we recommend it to fans of the details of the history of France since Richelieu.

2016-04-19  More...

Incident in the subway at Maelbeek station

22 this morning, around 9am, the European neighborhood is in turmoil. It would seem that an attack took place in the metro train passing the Maelbeek station, that station is between the Schuman roundabout and Art Law. We could see users leave the power station. The security forces took control of the neighborhood.

2016-03-22  More...

Black out in Euroquarter in Brussels

Nobody runs. The streets are deserted. The police in numbers. The level 4 alert is applied. A surreal situation and never seen until now in Brussels. The aftermath of the attacks of Zaventem and Maelbeek will have disastrous consequences for the Brussels Region in terms of image. The impact on tourism will be felt fail.

2016-03-22  More...

No more walls in Europe

A prior opinion demonstration at the extraordinary European meeting between Turkey and Europe. Demonstration organized by the European Socialists and Democrats.

2016-03-16  More...

Walloon breeders scream their desperation to European institutions

The crisis of the agricultural and livestock continues to weigh on the future of European farmers. Weigh by administrative constraints, quotas, expenses and especially too low selling price at the source of farm products.
An awareness event has been organized in the European district.
Tasting Walloon products directly from the farm: milk, meat, fruits.
Euroquartier their wishes to be heard by policy makers.

2016-03-14  More...

The Kazakh TV in Brussels

At the event Walloon farmers, what was our surprise to see a television crew from Kazakhstan. Definitely, what happens in Brussels interested in the world.
Geographically, Kazakhstan, its territorial part west of the Ural River has one foot in Europe. Just as Turkey. They hope will one day join the European community?

2016-03-14  More...

Night work

A surprising excitement on the night of 3 to 4 March. Pouring the concrete pad for the new building at the corner of Rue Froissart and Rue Belliard street. A continuous carousel of concrete mixers, very well organized and without negative consequences on the life of the neighborhood.

2016-03-03  More...

Don Quixote

Annoyed, disillusioned, angry, this new restaurant of the European quarter with humor manifested his disappointment with the negative response from the bank.
Known the reluctance of bankers to lend to the hotel-restaurant sector, this is not new.

2016-02-24  More...

Hergé also present in the Euroquarter

Users of the Luxembourg station may have noticed this mural on the left wall at the entrance. A drawing of Hergé: the arrival of Santa Klaus, from the Quick and Flupke series, well-known cartoon enthusiasts
. For those who have not noticed, it is part of the comic book route in Brussels.

2016-02-15  More...

Steelworkers are back

Facing the Chinese dumping of steel, European steelworkers were to present this new February 15 to show their discontent.

2016-02-15  More...

The winter sun awakens the Leopold Park

The Leopold Park in the heart of Brussels' European district, offers a place of tranquility near the Place Jourdan. Originally a zoological garden much like the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, under the reign of Leopold II, mixing nature and science. Thus, the Solvay library, the Pasteur Foundation, the George Eastman Foundation, etc. scientists gathered along the Maelbeek Valley. The Maelbeek rises from the abbey of la Cambre, Ixelles flowing through (in Gray Street), under the floor of Etterbeek, forming ponds on its way to St Josse-ten-Noode and Schaerbeek to the river Senne. Today, 6 ponds (La Cambre, Ixelles (2), Leopold Park, Square Marie-Louise and Josaphat Park became leisure walks.

2016-01-25  More...

Place Jourdan, the great marketplace of the European quarter

A pleasant user-friendly market takes place every Sunday Place Jourdan. Many shoppers are taking the opportunity to buy their specialties, everyday objects or just a drink on the terrace and meet their neighbors. Euroquartier wants to highlight this beautiful market, great. We noticed a clientele increasingly international. The reflection of the neighborhood in a way.

2016-01-10  More...

Parking undesirable near the Schuman roundabout

As you will notice in the pictures that we publish the Schuman roundabout and its surroundings is declared undesirable parking. Most parking spaces are now overgrown with beautiful concrete blocks. Security level 3 or new parking policy of the government of the Brussels region?
If you want to stop around the European center to buy a newspaper, take money at the dispensers or buy a sandwich, go your way. Hundreds of parking space have disappeared. Unfortunately, no alternative to the subway, bus, cycling and walking. Meanwhile, the work of metro and RER are slow to complete.

2016-01-04  More...

Schuman-Loi redesign

Here are the latest pictures of the development achieved between the Justus Lipsius and Berlaymont.
As you can see, a large space gives a good appearance to the prospect. The benches placed seem comfortable. A nice job of planner, still in the utopian sense of the perfect city. It is certain that in good weather, we would prefer to eat our sandwiches in the parks of the nearby Cinquantenaire, Leopold or Maelbeek than in the middle of traffic and between buildings. The furnishings are all more aesthetic way was there before
Flat:. The horrible yellow tarmac. Part of the beautiful little homegrown blue granite was taken from us in favor of this coating we doubt his durability. What a waste!

2016-01-04  More...

Hanukkah, a message of peace

As previously announced, on December 7 this evening there was a rather special celebration. The Jewish community was celebrating the "Euro Hanukkah", festival of Lights, the triumph of light over darkness. The Federal Minister Jan Jambon was the guest of honor. The speeches were all geared towards a message of peace in these difficult times.
Euroquartier wants eight days of peaceful celebrations in multicultural and community of the European quarter.

2015-12-07  More...

Schuman Light Up...

Launch of the Schuman roundabout animated celebrations last night at 18:30. Some pictures to illustrate the evening... you recognized the minister ?
Announced program:
- a concert van dBlack Lion and lighting of the EuroHanukah the 7/12 from 5 to 8 pm;< br /> - a reception on the theme "mobility, Youth and transformations of the area" the 9/12 from 6 to 8:30 pm;
- an evening hosted by the Permanent Representations of the EU 10/12 from 5:30 to 10 pm;
- a Christmas market on 11 and 12/12 from 10am to 20pm;
- a closing night 15/12 from 6 to 11 pm.
After this long period of work, the roundabout will regain all its colors.

2015-12-03  More...

Italian Car Passion... Avanti!

We announced in a recent article this exhibition. Euroquartier was invited to the premiere. The opportunity to see the work accomplished. It's magic! A very nice achievement! Reproduction of streets and a square of an Italian city to recreate the atmosphere of these beautiful legendary cars. Euroquartier offers you some exclusive pictures speak for themselves. In our opinion, an exhibition of exceptional designs that really worth seeing.

2015-12-03  More...

Schuman inauguration, almost ready ?

As we approach the opening of the metro Schuman this December 3, , work on the roundabout just outside undergo a visible acceleration.
But will they be ready in time? In the subway station, the access area is far from clear. The escalators are not working. Workers are busy. Outside, it is similar, planting shrubs, glass placement, repair of sidewalks, much work. The inauguration will be done with many miseries hide. Yet the work that had for so long.
And now the Minister of immobility provides new work near the roundabout. Does it ever end? A pause in the work would be welcome. Some pictures taken today in the gray ...

2015-12-01  More...

A new construction in the angle Froissart-Beillard

Here we go, building word began.
I have imagined a bridge between the two corners of the street, but I doubt they are thought to have.

2015-11-27  More...

The Euroquarter in perpetual motion...

This Thursday, November 19th, as announced in our events, was held an evening meeting between players in the European neighborhood. Mr Alain Hutchinson, Commissioner for Europe in "Brussels Region" has exposed some visions of the future European district of Brussels, in particular:
- The inauguration of the metro Schuman on 3 December in the presence of King Philip;
- The draft tourist walk between the Place Royale and the European neighborhood;
- The new European museum located in the Leopold Park;
- The relocation and redevelopment of the European Parliament offices in the "caprice des dieux" building;
- The new building "Maertens" Beillard Street;
- The development of roundabouts, streets and avenues of the European district, etc.
Euroquarter.eu will come back in greater detail on each of these topics later.

2015-11-20  More...

Days of science, RMAH at the cutting edge of technology...

Studying our past is enlighten our future.
The Royal Museums of Art and History shows that they combine pioneering technology with the demonstration of this new device developed by the KUL. Under a bell made of 260 LEDs, the most diverse objects are reconstructed virtually in 3D with a precision never reached. Analysis software can reveal the inscriptions and drawings often invisible to the naked eye. Euroquartier have appeared in seconds Sumerian texts read like a book. Magic! One can easily imagine the progress that will enable this digital information. This is just one telling example among the many activities MRAH.

2015-11-18  More...

Twenty zones 30 in Etterbeek

This week, 20 markings were applied in streets of Etterbeek, in order to slow down motorists. But how to measure the speed of cars at these locations? And above all the speed of dangerous drivers ... instead consider it as incentives for prudence, which goes in the direction of safety.

2015-11-17  More...

Italian Car Passion, next dedicated exhibition à Autoworld

This Wednesday morning, officials Autoworld presented to the press on their next program dedicated to beautiful Italian cars.
“La Bella Machina” is part of the culture of the peninsula. Big brands have collaborated to enable the realization of this exciting event. An example: the reconstitution of an Italian town square where the beautiful cars will be presented.
Participants at the presentation. Herman De Croo, president and Chairman, His Excellency Vincenzo Grassi, Italian Ambassador, Patricia Raes, Eric Jansen and Sébastien de Baere from Autoworld.
Euroquarter is pleased to present you some photos taken at the event.

2015-10-28  More...

Charlemagne, work completed!

A few parking spaces in the least, it is in tune with the times !
Absurd cycle paths ... too. Huge unnecessary sidewalks to the delight of our Eurocrats. Normal ! And above all, a new car funnel. What create a new cap. Who should we thank ? We, the citizens. It is our money that is spent.

2015-10-27  More...

Congratulations officials !

Our officials have struck again
We spent there and what a lovely surprise ! Planners drew us a wonderful roundabout at the crossroads Stévin-Charlemagne where nothing is in the axis. To top this discontinuous rising biker gang with a nice curve. After that band very sporty bike, fire only bikes. Stupid. The cars from the intersection stop believing that the light is red for them. A stop or "give in-the-move" would suffice. Euroquartier is convinced that our designers officials do not bike.

2015-10-27  More...

Fairplay parking !

A small example of this qu'Euroquartier not recommended. Parking spaces are less and less numerous, do not waste it!
Coincidentally, the car is registered CD. Not only do they have reserved seats, but when they do not, they occupy two.

2015-10-26  More...

A nice concert at Hair France

France Smits regularly organizes in her hair salon exhibitions and small happenings.
Last Sunday, France invited the group Tram 33. A nice concert, friendly. Participants had brought some provisions for the atmosphere. Street "de mot", you never get bored.

2015-10-18  More...

Sarcophagi... exceptional !

Thursday was held the press conference and the inauguration of the exhibition "Sarcophagi" with the theme of the funeral rite in Egypt of the pharaohs.
A perfect set design that features some of the most beautiful pieces from the collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History at the Cinquantenaire. Euroquartier can only congratulate the creators of this event accessible to both novices thanks to the aesthetic beauty of the proposed works and enthusiasts Egyptology, given the depth of the documentation provided and the relevance of choices and demonstration means.
Best of all, a live restoration workshop by Italian specialists. A rare exhibition not to be missed until April 20, 2016

2015-10-16  More...

Just one hour before the show

Thursday night October 1, the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Germany organized a great sound and light show at Parc du Cinquantenaire. Here are some pictures taken one hour before the start of the show which attest to a crowd already numerous.

2015-10-01  More...

25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, preparations ...

Here are some pictures of the preparations for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the reunification of Germany in the Cinquantenaire Park! The Cinquantenaire Arcades will be a unique setting for a show of light and sound & video mapping. Renowned DJs from Berlin and other European cities offer an eclectic mix of rhythms, from classical to electronic.
Hearing bass that made vibrate our offices located at 300m, we go to see what was happening around 21h.
Today 1st October, 20,000 people are expected to show a one-hour loop will rotate.

2015-09-30  More...

A moment of conviviality Place Jean Rey

During four days were held in the small market "Fiesta Europa" on the Place Jean Rey. Fiesta Europa is a traveling market throughout Europe. He stopped three days in the European quarter of Brussels. Some pictures on Thursday afternoon.
Small flat, the participants regretted the bad weather the first two days ...

2015-09-24  More...

Car free Brussels, folklore or necessary gesticulation ?

Sunday, September 20, no one in Brussels could ignore the day without cars.
In the view of Euroquarter’s writer, it's more of a folk festival as a real awareness of the problem of mobility in Brussels. The author of these lines has not waited for the organization of such festivities to move in Brussels differently. Bike daily, metro, tram, bus, on foot but also by train in Brussels. Many people are unaware that reach the border of the Brussels region (Uccle, Jette, Evere ...) now takes only a few minutes from the center or the European quarter.
Traffic jams reappeared Monday. Politicians do not seem to make true answer to the problem of mobility in Brussels, on the contrary.
Give the impression that proposes a solution is the most common response by the political.
Think about Reyers bridge destroy, Brussels center labyrinth, european meetings...

2015-09-20  More...

The odyssey of Guns-Machine Guns-Trucks 1915-2015

Astonishing about that one, presented this Tuesday, September 15 at the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History.
Enthusiasts have rebuilt a replica identical with many original parts of the armored vehicle used during the First World War. Originality, these vehicles and 370 Belgian soldiers were loaned to Tsar Nicolas II of Russia to support the eastern front. It is this that relates the odyssey book published for the occasion. The numerous testimonies and archives make an exciting story like a novel.

2015-09-15  More...

"Thursday Garden", the little bio market in the Maelbeek valley

Now, every Thursday of the year, from 12h to 20h, the stalls will offer various products. Various drinks, cheeses, deli snacks and traditional cured specialties from European countries
A few high tables allow the consumption of products, drinks and dishes prepared on site in the small park at the foot of "Charlemagne".

2015-09-08  More...

About Belarus

Micro friendly manifestation of Belarusian democrats Shuman roundabout today. After thousands of farmers, it changes!

2015-09-08  More...

Farmers demonstration

Here are some pictures of our writing about the protest of farmers on Monday around the Schuman roundabout. The slightly different angle of view Euroquartier compared to what has been shown in the mainstream press shows that the majority of the demonstrators remained calm and especially wanted to show their solidarity. Unfortunately, some overflows have degraded some European space. Euroquartier regrets. What would these farmers if an industry was attacking their environment under the pretext of economic difficulties?

2015-09-07  More...

The July 21 parade always begins in Euroquarter

King Philip gives the start of the parade of 21 July, our national holiday from the Euroquarter passing the troops in review.
Although the starting changed almost every year is the second year that King Philip arrived by car next to the Berlaymont, Charlemagne Boulevard to get into his military vehicle and reviewed the troops lined up along the rue de la Loi .
All performances of the Belgian army as well as foreign delegations parade in Euroquarter including aircraft flying over the Place des Palais and all the European district.

2015-07-22  More...

“O Melhor de Portugal”, Lusitanian festive atmosphere

We announced in our columns the festival held at the Cinquantenaire in Euroquartier still at time of writing these lines.
Even the climate has put the game to create this convivial atmosphere. The urge to drink vinho verde fresh and savor the pig on the spit, donuts, cakes, wine, fruit and many other Portuguese spécalités.
Enjoy some pictures taken Saturday...

2015-07-04  More...

Democracy in Tibet

A small event Monday morning, Schuman roundabout for more democracy in Tibet. Euroquartier must tell the initiative.

2015-06-29  More...

Why close the Breydel street ?

Each European summit, the Breydel street is closed to traffic and parking. This street connecting the Auderghem Avenue to Beillard street is wide and practical. Euroquartier does not understand the decision of closure the street by concrete blocks Beillard side.
While we clearly see between the street "Loi" part between Schuman and Cinquantenaire Park, that blocks concrete are placed roundabout side.
The police questioned about this choice can not answer. A decision probably made by a zealous official and unconcerned about the traffic problems in the European quarter during summits.

2015-06-29  More...

Rally DS at the Cinquantenaire on Sunday

As previously announced, the Citroën DS gathered many Sunday morning on the esplanade of the Cinquantenaire. This legendary car that enthusiasts still dream of pretty cars today. Limousines and convertibles, all colors, vintage DS born during the fifties were accompanied by their little sisters present from the new range inaugurating the exhibition dedicated to him at the Autoworld.

2015-06-14  More...

Exhibition Opening : Waterloo, the challenge to Europe

In the presence of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Steven Vandeput, the Ambassadors of France, Austria and the UK, took place the opening of the exhibition devoted to the Battle of Waterloo at the Royal Museum of the Army and military History.
June 1815:. a powerful coalition of old and new enemies, meeting around Waterloo, definitively settles the fate of Napoleon, Emperor of the French. June 2015: Two hundred years later, Europe focuses on the end of an era.
The Army Museum is organizing a unique exhibition in the capital. Three exciting aspects of the battle of Waterloo are highlighted in the Arcades, the Exhibition Hall at the top of the triumphal arch of the Cinquantenaire Park.
Euroquartier urge you to visit this interesting exhibition and you offers some photos taken during the inauguration ...

2015-06-09  More...

Dinner in the Sky

Some pictures from the event "Dinner in the sky" for you. If this makes you want to eat at altitude ... The good weather is in the game. Today, 8 June, it was Lionel Rigolet from the "Comme chez soi" who regaled his guests. Takeoff 19:30, fasten your seat belts!

2015-06-08  More...

A nice little idea

Picnic benches are now installed at the entrance of the Cinquantenaire Park side Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée. Frankly, it's a really nice idea to enjoy a beautiful place to have a snack. Bring your sandwiches!

2015-06-08  More...

He flies!

Crossing the Cinquantenaire Park, a new vision appears to us suddenly. We will let you enjoy the view. A tightrope walker (and it is not the only one) evolves on its wire stretched between two trees.

2015-06-08  More...

Metro Schuman, work is progressing!

A picture of the current situation. Schuman station has been transformed. More space. Daylight. Clear progress. Some new escalators are operational for up to the roundabout.

2015-06-05  More...

They do not like pedestrians!

Little bit of a bad mood to the editorial staff of Euroquarter face systematic installation on the sidewalks of those huge inverted bowls. Who has not already hit foot on these barriers? When the public space must be devoted to pedestrians, they thought people with reduced mobility, to moms with strollers, the blind, the customer that take a caddy. These obstacles: the wasted space at the expense of all.

2015-06-05  More...

Some market medieval pictures (2)

Euroquarter Sunday was still on the medieval market site organized by the municipality of Etterbeek. Some new images are available showing this crowd become traditional event's success. The good weather has probably participated in appointment to the success of folk manifestation.

2015-05-26  More...

Images of the medieval market Cinquantenaire

Here are some pictures already taken Saturday at the inauguration of the medieval market. Mr Vincent Dewolf, mayor of Etterbeek with his aldermen and event organizers gave the departure of many activities are still taking place at the time of writing this hot record.

2015-05-24  More...

Brussels Iris Day in Parc du Cinquantenaire

The Iris party was everywhere in the Brussels region, the weekend of 9-10 May
In the European neighborhood, a village had settled offering multiple facets of daily life, drink, eat, lay his house or garden, etc. The variable time must have surprised more than one visitor. In the morning, during the shooting, the weather was perfect but the general public was rather in line to visit the EU institutions.

2015-05-10  More...

A little slice of "Bread Festival"?

At rond-point Schuman was held on May 9 as announced, the "Bread Festival". Amazing discoveries such as this cake to the pin, specialty Lithuania which are also found in Germany and Poland.
To have bought and tasted, I can tell you that it is very good. A pleasant taste butter cake.
In the morning, the audience was sparse but from the time table, the crowd was large to taste the many european specialties.

2015-05-09  More...

Doors open to the EU institutions ...

I confess that I have not had the patience to queue to visit the institutions.
Before the gates of the Berlaymont and the Parliament, the queues were already very long at 10am. Evidence that the European institutions interested public despite some populist speeches. Here are some pictures ...

2015-05-09  More...

Host of the hit "Kriek Frites Party" Place Jourdan

At the time of this writing, the "Kriek Frites Party" is still in Place Jourdan in Etterbeek, in full center of the Euroquartier. A true popular success. On the pictures, you see the already long line for the legendary Antoine fries.
Young and old were given an appointment to share a moment of relaxation.
Perhaps you recognize yourself in the pictures?

2015-05-08  More...

View over Brussels

Just a tip for visitors to Euroquarter. Enter at the Royal Museum of the Army and Military History. It is free.
After checking, go left all the way in. Cross a medieval hall and you arrive at the foot of one of the pillars of the arches of the Cinquantenaire.
A small elevator takes you to the summit via two beautiful rooms dedicated to the collections of the Napoleonic era. A small staircase on each side facing the arc terrace. The views are spectacular.
Note that the terrace is not available until June 10. Work is underway to prepare an exhibition in connection with the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

2015-05-01  More...

Tai shi ?

There almost always has a surprise waiting for you when you visit the park. A prestigious setting for a small gym work, right?

2015-04-30  More...

Paris Street, the street improbable

Who knows the street of Paris in Brussels? At the end of the Euroquartier, the "Rue de Paris" at the limit of Ixelles, across the "Rue du Trône" between the "Rue du Champ de Mars" and "Square de Meeus". That is surely already be clear to you. But what was my astonishment to see in it no box to letter no entry home or office. One exception to number 1. Who came up with the idea to name the street "Rue de Paris". One would have expected something more grand, right? Rest assured, the "Rue de Bruxelles" in Paris is not much greater. Located near the Place de Clichy, they nevertheless has a peculiarity: Émile Zola died 21bis on the night of September 28 to 29, 1902.

2015-04-29  More...

Jogging in the park

Brussels is undoubtedly one of the greenest capitals. Especially the European neighborhood includes some very nice parks to relax. Including the Cinquantenaire park, the largest but also the Leopold park, Square Ambiorix and why not the Royal Park.

2015-04-27  More...

Autoworld, fun to visit

This photo taken last weekend makes me want to visit this interesting vintage car collection.

2015-04-22  More...

And yet some lost parking spaces...

Paranoia strikes again.
In every street of the European district there are countless parking spaces removed or reserved for the diplomatic corps, bicycles, etc. Here, rue de la Tourelle, 6 new seats are deleted in the street without stories at the expense of residents. Mr. Mayor, he never has a problem of space to park.

2015-04-22  More...

Chaussée d’Etterbeek, a clean sweep

The neighborhood regulars could only lament the state of this part of Brussels near the institutions.
Apparently, the work is undertaken in all directions: Schuman station, adjacent land and ex-hotel Europa. For housing and hotel trade.
Here is the progress of the demolition of the Crowne Plaza hotel formerly located close to the Schuman roundabout, next to the Residence Palace 16 April 2015.

2015-04-17  More...

Why is the street Justus Lipsius one-way ?

The question is in the title.
Connecting the chaussée d'Etterbeek and rue Froissart, street Justus Lipsius could be an ideal way of shedding the congested traffic from St-Josse towards the Schuman roundabout. Large and clear, making double meaning of that route does not cost a kopek to the "Brussels Region", would save time for users of the area and reduce air pollution caused by the long waiting time fire Beillard / ch. d'Etterbeek. This is certainly the view of the editorial staff of Euroquartier

2015-04-17  More...

A new Waouw building, rue Beillard...

On the old bank's location COB, between rue de Treves and the railway track Schuman-Luxembourg, at the crossroads with rue Beillard, a new impressive site.
The building, whose block interior is open definitely gives a new look to this area, just an extension of the slab in the ways of the Luxembourg station.
Those who inhabit or have their office at this location will enjoy stunning views.

2015-04-17  More...

Even more traffic problems Avenue Auderghem

The "Brussels Region" through Brussels-mobilité has definitely used to disassemble a device that works.
Avenue Auderghem, a major artery for fluid access to the European area will be permanently disrupted following the decision of the Brussels region, determined to apply its absurd traffic map.
Some false pretenses listed on the website Brusselles-mobilité :
- The commercial speed of transport. We have not noticed any significant slowdowns whatever the hour during the last 30 years. The "region" does not care about the time lost by workers who have no other choice than the car. - Comfort and safety of cyclists. Another invention. Cyclists have always traveled this road without problems. In addition, for a cyclist, it is also dangerous to share a bus lane than a car lane. Try it and see! It is also very unpleasant for a cyclist to be blocked by a bus. - Speed ​​limits to 50km/h. This was the case earlier.
- Positive impact on noise. Big lie : the raising of the crossroads leads sound disorders including at night. Noise will be much higher than today. Listen to the sound of a truck passing over a speed bump.. By cons, some corollaries effects of the new plan : -. Increasing pollution of the air by increasing the plugs and by breaking and acceleration in each tray. - Reduction of 60 parking spaces with announced consequences: an increase of kms traveled to find a location; economic loss for trade; lack of space for the inhabitants of the area.
In summary, the "Brussels Region" must justify the huge subsidies in transport. Their solution: create artificial corks to make traffic guilty of all evils.
Note - That the comments are solely the writing Euroquartier. - That the editorial staff of Euroquartier uses a bicycle as the main means of transportation for 33 years in the European district. Share the road.

2015-04-13  More...

You have 3 seconds to decode this poster ...

Certainly, they are very strong. Beillard the street this morning I see this poster among a dozen, to the attention of motorists, I suppose, used to quickly decode signaling. Congratulations! I would not have thought to do more complicated. I put the link below, fair play right ?

2015-04-11  More...

Vigil in the European Parliament European dairy farmers

From the 1r April the milk market in Europe will be deprived of an operational safety net. According to the dairy, the new environment promises a more frequent and deep crises and price drops. Milk producers claim the establishment of an accountability program to the market.

2015-03-31  More...

European summit under surveillance

The turbulent events (the attack of the Bardo Museum in Tunis) and the economic situation of Greece put the summit under pressure. In the European neighborhood, security has been further strengthened. We now see chevaux-de-frise and concrete blocks on the Avenue d'Auderghem.

2015-03-20  More...

Solar Eclipse on Euroquartier

Photo taken from our offices around eleven.

2015-03-20  More...

The European area under surveillance

Belgian soldiers are present at all sensitive places of the European neighborhood. In early February, the Lancers Regiment based in Marche-en-Famenne provided security. Until the end of February, the 5th regiment of the line based in Bourg-Leopold took over. At this point, it is a rifle regiment also stationed in Leopoldsburg that protects our institutions.

2015-03-03  More...

The school Jacqmain “blink*” a thousand lights !

This school located in the heart of the Leopold Park deserved a thorough renovation. The condition of the interior and exterior areas severely lacking. Not the image of a European capital. It is now done. Nice ! Now it is the turn of the Institute Eastman, just opposite to be a renovation / reconstruction.

2015-02-23  More...

A longer possible for the European Quarter

A shot taken before the construction of the large building in front of Leopold Park. I would have preferred a park, do not you&thinsp?

2015-02-23  More...




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